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From Supplier Dock to Restaurant Stock, we deliver valuable solutions.
Every day. All over the world.
Driven by talent, technology and an energetic culture of collaboration, our people have an appetite for solving challenges and making a real difference for our customers and the brands we serve.
Inventory and supply planning management. We are driven by our customers’ desire to provide the very best restaurant experience for their guests.
From the docks of our global supply network to our distribution centres and into our customers’ stockrooms, Martin Brower takes supply chain management personally.

It’s easier to run great restaurants with Martin Brower

We ensure each customer is well equipped with the right products at the right time, delivered with the most insightful market information and data-rich tools to grow their business with confidence and sustainability, while supporting their restaurant needs.

We do more than procure and move product; we deliver smart insights by collaborating and innovating every link in the supply chain. Martin Brower has an empowered team of supply chain experts who are steering innovation and driving growth ... making it easier to run great restaurants.

Our people have a hunger for efficiency and an appetite for solving supply chain challenges.

Powered by a culture of collaboration and a history of partnership with industry leaders, we continue to transform the supply chain to deliver 100% end-to-end visibility and forecasting.

Supply Chain Solutions

Innovation drives efficiency and growth. Innovation means understanding the daily challenges of staying ahead of consumer demand while anticipating the needs of restaurants. Our integrated supply chain solutions provide end-to-end visibility for optimal product safety and invaluable peace of mind ... from Supplier Dock to Restaurant Stock, every day, all over the world.
  • MBSync

    A powerful, web-based engagement platform linking the Distribution Centre with each restaurant to provide a comprehensive view of their orders any time, from any place. With live tracking and pricing and 24-7 access on smartphone, tablet or laptops, MBSync makes it easier to run great restaurants.
  • Restaurant Order Planning (ROP)

    Restaurant demand is shaped by consumers whose tastes and diets are constantly evolving. Forecasting changes in consumer behaviours to coordinate with inventory and order management requires robust analytics, coupled with experience and vision. ROP blends people, processes and technology to plot out an accurate forecast and generate an order proposal designed to fill a restaurant’s essential needs.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool

    Providing an optimal, expedient customer experience, this robust tool is totally customised for our restaurant partners as a multi-view window to their entire supply chain in motion. Customer enquiries are never missed, always addressed and logged for historical reference.
  • Restaurant Storage Optimisation

    Improving profitability means ensuring the right products are in the right place at the right time – a goal achieved with accurate forecasting and intense organisational skills. We take the burden off restaurant staff by providing solutions to organize the backroom and efficiently manage stock with advanced technology, product information and demand forecast.
  • Distribution Company Supply Planning (DCSP)

    Behind any good supply chain is a network that is ready to deliver the right product at the right time and respond to customer requests whilst maintaining the best conditions of freshness and safety. Our dedicated planning tool enables anticipation of needs, planning of deliveries by the supplier and ensuring distribution whilst maintaining the best conditions of food safety.

  •  MBSync
  • Restaurant Order Planning (ROP)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool
  •  Restaurant Storage Optimisation
  • Distribution Company Supply Planning (DCSP)
These accessible, insightful, data-rich tools integrate, automate and optimise all forecasting, inventory and order management for our restaurant partners. Our supply chain experts personally deliver the context and support so restaurant managers can spend less time in the backroom and more time in front of their customers.

From Our Stakeholders

“Forecasting can be very time intensive, not to mention difficult. ROP takes forecasting off my desk and allows me to spend more time with my crew and my guests.”

Restaurant Manager
“Our Supply Planning tool enables smarter, more nimble and more accurate forecasts and response than ever before. It allows us to be more efficient and predictive with staffing and inventories, improving cost savings and quality for our restaurant customers.”

Distribution Centre Manager
“Everyone has access to inventory data and sales history. The difference with Martin Brower is they put supply chain intelligence to work for us and provide us with context. We know exactly what we have, what we need and when we need it ... just as it is being delivered to our backroom and logged into our inventory.”

Restaurant Manager

Digital Supply Chain

Martin Brower’s supply chain experts are transforming efficiencies in the food industry, one byte at a time. By completely automating and digitizing order and inventory management with advanced technology, we will reduce costs and manage risks, all while enhancing food safety and quality. With hands-free traceability from dock to stock, restaurant managers are free to focus on their customers and crews and run great restaurants.
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